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Separation for iPhone & iPad on Entertainment 1.0

Separation is an apps for Entertainment on iPhone & iPad, by Colin Atkinson. Separation is a new and exciting game where you will need quick fingers and a sharp mind to keep up with the action!You must move the balls from the centre of the screen to the correct areas to score as many points as possible.

Colin Atkinson
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Multiple OS
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Mar 12, 2014
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Softmenu rating: 6/10

Separation 1.0 Reviews - by Softmenu Mobile Editor

Separation is an app for iPhone & iPad. With the latest version of Separation, you can have your mobile worked better.


Driver Description - by Publisher

Apps description is given by Colin Atkinson - the apps publisher/developer, and it is made no changes by softmenu.

Apps Full Description see below:

Separation is a new and exciting game where you will need quick fingers and a sharp mind to keep up with the action!

You must move the balls from the centre of the screen to the correct areas to score as many points as possible. Moving a ball to the wrong area, or taking too long with result in balls being Locked Down!

There are 6 different modes in this game:

Freeplay Mode:
In this mode you can practice your ball control skills and get used to the game. This mode is unlimited, with no ball lockdowns and no time limits, try and get a high score!

Stamina Mode:
In stamina mode, you must remove the balls from the central area within 2 seconds or the ball will lock down. If all balls are locked down, or if you place a ball incorrectly, the game will end. How long can you last?

Blitz Mode:
You have 60 seconds, no lock downs. Move the balls as fast as you can before the time runs out to get the highest score.

Copycat Mode:
You will need to match the pattern shown at the start of each round. If you get it wrong, GAME OVER! The longer you last, the higher your score.

Numbers Mode:
Each area will have a sum inside it, you will need to match the numbers on the balls to the sums inside the areas. A wrong move will lock the ball down, you have 6 seconds to move it from the central area.

Colours Mode:
This is the hardest mode, the centre of each ball is coloured as well, you will either be instructed to match the inside or the outside colour of the ball to the correct area, any wrong moves will lock down the ball!

Play with your friends and see who can get the highest score!

Track your playing statistics to see how well you are doing, or which games you spend the most time playing!

Supported Operating System:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Running requirements

Need not extra requirement except the OS environments mentioned above.


Please check the license above, if this is a freeware, it will be no limitation, else it may have the days or times limitation, please read the specifications attached with the download file carefully.

Tested virus free - Separation has been tested to be a safe driver on Mar 12, 2014.

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