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Bellydance: First Steps, with Neon for iPhone & iPad on Entertainment 1.0

Bellydance: First Steps, with Neon is an apps for Entertainment on iPhone & iPad, by World Dance New York. Bellydance with NeonThe FULL 105-minute bellydance instructional video released on DVD as Bellydance: First Steps for Total Beginners with Neon.

World Dance New York
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Feb 18, 2013
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Bellydance: First Steps, with Neon 1.0 Reviews - by Softmenu Mobile Editor

Bellydance: First Steps, with Neon is an app for iPhone & iPad. With the latest version of Bellydance: First Steps, with Neon, you can have your mobile worked better.

Driver Description - by Publisher

Apps description is given by World Dance New York - the apps publisher/developer, and it is made no changes by softmenu.

Apps Full Description see below:

Bellydance with Neon

The FULL 105-minute bellydance instructional video released on DVD as Bellydance: First Steps for Total Beginners with Neon. After purchase it will reside in your iPhone or iPod Touch for unlimited viewing with no network connection required. Also available in larger, iPad-native format.

Learning bellydance is an amazing personal makeover experience welcoming women of any age, size or shape. It infuses your everyday movement with sensual flair and confidence, helps you rediscover and enjoy the power of femininity and the seductive grace woven by nature into the curves of your body.

This app is a step-by-step bellydance instruction video presented in a continuous movement format. Created by Neon, trend-setting instructor acclaimed for her innovative fast-track method of teaching beginners and her supportive, nurturing style, the program takes you from basic moves to graceful and sensual bellydance combinations through non-stop practice with beautiful uplifting music. Move and dance from the very first step!

The program consists of 48 2-3 min. segments systematically teaching all major types of bellydance steps. Each segment breaks down, explains and drills a basic bellydance move and an easy-to-grasp step sequence that shows how to use it. The movement starts slowly, then progresses to full speed. Neon offers detailed tips and visualisations promoting correct, solid and safe technique from the very start, and carefully cues each move and combination for easy following.

A consistent system of animated onscreen graphics superimposed on Neon's moving image presents dance moves as trajectories following geometric shapes, and effectively interprets movement angles and directions, promoting accelerated learning.

The 48 segments of the program are assembled into 12 sessions - each session is capped with a movement review (a Dance Party section) practicing all the steps and combinations covered in the preceding session.

The 12 sessions cover:
* rhythmic hips and steps (releasing the hips, getting attuned to rhythm)
* bellydance percussive hipwork 1 & 2
* combining bellydance footwork with hipwork
* fluid bellydance hipwork
* combining fluid and percussive hipwork
* upper body moves and accents
* combining fluid hipwork and upper body accents
* easy hipwork combinations
* challenging hipwork combinations
* challenging fluid movements * shimmy

The DVD edition of Bellydance: First Steps for Total Beginners offers an additional 25-minute flow featuring only the Dance Party segments for an advanced beginner practice, and two versions of the entire program: One with music and voice cues, and one with music only for every day practice. Apps and DVD produced by World Dance New York.

Supported Operating System:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Running requirements

Need not extra requirement except the OS environments mentioned above.


Please check the license above, if this is a freeware, it will be no limitation, else it may have the days or times limitation, please read the specifications attached with the download file carefully.

Tested virus free - Bellydance: First Steps, with Neon has been tested to be a safe driver on Feb 18, 2013.

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