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Pigeoncraft for Android Games on Arcade & Action 3.2

Pigeoncraft is an apps for Arcade & Action on Android Games, by Pigeoncraft. I will not put in ads just for you guys,but donations are GREATLY accepted.DONATE and keep me motivated!I will post your name in this description when you do :DI accept Paypal donations at Pigeoncraft@gmail.

Run on OS:
Multiple OS
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Updated on:
Sep 14, 2012
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Softmenu rating: 6/10

Pigeoncraft 3.2 Reviews - by Softmenu Mobile Editor

Pigeoncraft is an app for Android Games. With the latest version of Pigeoncraft, you can have your mobile worked better.

Driver Description - by Publisher

Apps description is given by Pigeoncraft - the apps publisher/developer, and it is made no changes by softmenu.

Apps Full Description see below:

I will not put in ads just for you guys,
but donations are GREATLY accepted.
DONATE and keep me motivated!
I will post your name in this description when you do :D
I accept Paypal donations at
This game is in alpha so don't give it a bad rating when its not even done! And check your app version. I see that most of my "hate comments" are from 0.9 and lower. Please keep updated. And for those who say "don't release it until its done." Look at minecraft or any other game.

Play Minecraft? Register at and play on my server!
- I do read all of your comments. I even translate them and read them. Thanks! also remember to send in those force closes and say what device/android version your on. This app is still in alpha you know. :P


* Fixed chest bug. (maby It works for me. let me know)
* Fixed Load Game not showing after first save.
* Made creepers a little harder
* fixed torches not dropping
* changed crafting text.(tell me what you think)
* added leveling system. (just for looks for now :P)
* flowers placed are now random in color
* Fixed screen shift. (hopefully, works for me)
* made it so you cant save if your dead
3.0 :D

* Fixed inventory loading up blank after reload
* Fixed chests
* Fixed Tools
* New Icon for market
Here is my Ported and Modded version of Minicraft that was originally created by Notch.

This game will have all the features of Minicraft Plus ALOT more.

This game is now updated more frequently.

Press back button to save your game.

Want to see what im doing? Follow @Pigeoncraft on twitter.

If you have a suggestion send me a tweet on twitter or email me at
2.5 alpha

- Must make a new game after update. :(
- FIXED items not working after load. :D
- Torches 5 = (5 coal, 1 wood)
- Random colored flowers on the map.
- Fixed chest bug
- Faster load/save
- Clean up on code
- Small changes to controls. May not fix all bugs.

If you want to help me code this game and you know java email me please. :D

Sorry for issues. I have been pretty busy with school and work

3.0 :D

* Fixed inventory loading up blank after reload
* Fixed chests
* Fixed Tools
* New Icon for market

2.2 alpha
-You Wont Lose Your Saves If You Update
-Fixed Control glitch
-Made Buttons Smaller
-Made Joystick more smooth
-Fixed Tnt Bug
-Creepers Drop Bones Instead Of Gems
-Other Small Bug Fixes

Supported Operating System:

Android Android 2.2 and up

Running requirements

Need not extra requirement except the OS environments mentioned above.


Please check the license above, if this is a freeware, it will be no limitation, else it may have the days or times limitation, please read the specifications attached with the download file carefully.

Tested virus free - Pigeoncraft has been tested to be a safe driver on Sep 14, 2012.

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