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Truffles' Diaries-Book for Android Apps on Books & Reference 1.0.2

Truffles' Diaries-Book is an apps for Books & Reference on Android Apps, by Digi-Media-Apps. Truffles' Diaries-BookTruffles is no ordinary cat - in fact she would claim that she is very special indeed, and who would dare to argue with her? Her nineteen plus years of observing human behaviour, ...

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Mar 9, 2013
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Truffles' Diaries-Book is an app for Android Apps. With the latest version of Truffles' Diaries-Book, you can have your mobile worked better.

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Truffles' Diaries-Book

Truffles is no ordinary cat - in fact she would claim that she is very special indeed, and who would dare to argue with her? Her nineteen plus years of observing human behaviour, often mystifying and comical, have equipped her with all the wisdom and cunning necessary to use the human environment and its two-legged inhabitants to her best advantage and, as is the ambition of all cats, she has learnt how to make her existence as comfortable as possible. In this diary Truffles allows us to take a very privileged peek through her discerning eyes as she describes her thoughts and day-to-day activities (or lack of them!) Written in three weekly parts, the first from when she approaches her milestone sixteenth birthday followed up by catch-ups over the next two years, Truffles also recounts an assortment of amusing, true anecdotes from her past involving her feline and canine pals, but with the last laughs most often being on the hapless humans. What is quite clear is that twenty-first century cats are a far superior species in terms of getting what they want, when they want and with the minimum amount of effort, and the very humanised Truffles is no exception. She has her human carers well trained to carry out their expected feline-orientated duties to her exacting standards, is always one step ahead of them and knows exactly which buttons to press to get the desired effect... which only goes to prove that it is a cat's life after all!"

This Ebook can be placed on the SDCARD with Android 2.2 and above.
This is the full length digitised ebook version of a classic book and is supplied by Digi-Media-Apps.

Each book is packaged with an advanced EBOOK reader. Simply download the App and read the book

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Android Android 1.5 and up

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